Where is your Towel?

Do you know where your towel is? I keep mine with me all the time. Why? Because it is the most useful object in the universe! I just never know when I’m going to need it. Staying at cheap motels/hotels their pillows are as thin as the bed sheets so I roll my towel and use it as a pillow. My towel protects me in times of unpredictable weather changes be it wind or rain. We were walking on the beach one time and we used my towel to protect our hands and rescue an injured seagull. A towel is a great privacy screen for when I am changing from a wet swim suit. It also serves as my skirt at times I have forgotten to pack extra dry clothes.

Just what we need on days we feel like a super hero.
Towel cape what to wear on days we feel like a super hero.

Moving something fragile or delicate?I use my towel like a bubble wrap to protect it. And on days when I am just feeling super awesome, I wear my towel like a cape. We can all be super-heroes sometimes!

BTW, have you heard of Towel Day? I must admit that I did not know there is such a day until two weeks ago. Thanks to my Multimedia class required reading of HG2G I was introduced to this annual celebration. I found a Towel Day website which is a tribute to the author of the book Douglas N Adams and to the celebration of the day.  The DailyDot.com has a fun article on 42 things every interstellar hitchhiker should see on Towel Day. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget your towel!


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