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Citizen of the World

With the advancement of technology people are more connected than ever. We are no longer just citizens of one country where we are only aware of whatever is happening in our own backyard or region. We are now citizens of the world. However, it still requires some active participation. Unlimited information is available for those who are interested. A quick Google search on a country will produce limitless results. Books in any format are also available for purchase at online bookstores or to borrow from the local libraries. However, I have found the quality of these results can vary from useful to irrelevant. It takes a practiced eye and good luck to separate the gem from the junk.
The country I have chosen as an entry into the H2G2 assignment is Colombia. Located at the tip of South America and flanked between the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, this beautiful country surprised us during our short visit last year. After a few months visiting neighboring countries in Central America, we were not expecting any big adjustments, after all Colombia is also a Latin country like the rest we have visited so far.

T pictured with a Botero sculpture in Medellin,Colombia.
T pictured by a Fernando Botero (whose hometown is Medellin) sculpture in Plaza Botero, Colombia.

We were surprised to arrive at a modern, vibrant and inviting city of Medellin, Colombia. The residents are happy, warm and friendly. Even though we have only just arrived, we felt welcomed and at ease. They are genuinely beautiful people. After spending just one day in the city, I declared to my husband “I love this city, I want to come back again soon”. To be honest, the thought of living in the country even crossed my/our minds. The country fascinated me so much hence my decision to research it further.

My Husband and I at the Exploration Park in Medellin.
With my husband at Parque Explora (an interactive science museum) in Medellin. Btw, my husband is 6’2”, I’m 5’3″. I am finally taller than him!

My view of the country has not changed with my research; in fact, it made me nostalgic. Hearing songs and reading stories left me with a longing to be back and explore the country further. Here is a story I read about four foreigners talking about how they fell in love with Colombia. I know I’m not alone, others who have been there felt the magic in Colombia too.

I will share more about Colombia on a website that I am working on as part of my Multimedia project. Link will be posted here once it is up and running.


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