Wish Upon A Star

Have you ever wished upon a star? I have, and even now, during difficult times I still do. This started when I was 7 or 8 years old, after watching an animation called Pinocchio. The song ‘When You wish Upon A Star‘ was playing at the beginning of the movie. I like music and listen intently to both melody and lyrics. The song struck a chord and the lyrics was planted in my mind. It has helped see me through some of life’s challenges and made me believe that if I put your heart in my dreams (together with faith, perseverance, and hard work of course) that my dreams will come true.

Pinochio photo c/o Pixabay
Pinocchio the wooden boy photo c/o Pixabay

The movie is about a lonely woodworker who created a wooden puppet (marionette) he named Pinocchio. One night he saw a wishing star and he wish for the puppet to became a real boy so he could have a son. The Blue fairy heard and granted his wish; the fairy also assigned a cricket named Jiminy to be the boy’s conscience. Pinocchio being a young and naive got into a lot of trouble. There were some scary scenes but the movie has a happy ending.

Long nose with JIminy Cricket
Long nosed  Pinocchio with Jiminy Cricket photo c/0 Pixabay

I remember vividly that when Pinocchio tell lies that his nose would grow long, the more lies, the longer it grew and when he smoked and had the “drink” that he turned into an ass! Those were powerful messages to a little kid!  That something bad will happen when you lie or do something you’re not supposed to. Eventually as I got older, I would learn that lying really doesn’t make my nose grow long and that imbibing occasionally is fine :). But I’ve come to realize the moral of the story; not being truthful has a lot of consequences and that eventually the truth would come out. There were other lessons in this great animation besides honesty like selflessness, obedience and bravery. Pinocchio has enhanced my life maybe in more ways than I even realize. For me it is an uplifting story that should be shared with young children so they too can wish upon their star.





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