Animation is Not Child’s Play

I enjoy watching animations, but making one never even crossed my mind until now. For my multimedia class, we have been assigned to make a really short and very simple animation. At first I thought, our professor really have very low expectations of us, because she said “Just make anything that moves!”  Well after making my very first one, (which btw, took me over 3 days to plan and play around in Adobe Photoshop and Animation) I think she knows it’s not that easy so she was really giving us a chance to get our feet wet.

Incorporating a story into my animation was my plan. My initial idea was to create an animation centered on Autumn. I love fall and I think it would be colorful and fun. But after reading and watching several tutorials that idea tanked. It has to be something simple so back to the drawing board, literally.

My animation centered on a quote by Barbara Haines Howett, which I have typed in error in the animation as “Just when the caterpillar thought it was over…”  😦 it should be: “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…”.  But I won’t be too hard on myself at this point, my eyes are tired and I am happy to render that video and publish it!  I’ll shut-up and let you see it now, all 10 seconds of it! Enjoy!

I also made a GIF out of the video

During my research I came across this article that lists 15 of the coolest stop motion videos on you tube. You have to see it, they’re super cool! Below is one of them. Happy watching!


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