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Multimedia Web and H2G2

A great balance of fun, challenge and enlightenment is how I would describe my Multimedia Web class experience. Similar to reading Douglas Adam’s book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, every week is akin to reading a new chapter. We know it is there but the contents are new and unexpected. Mind you, they are all related but presented in a manner that is fresh and challenging. Sometimes, I breeze through it, more often than not, it resulted in sleepless nights and pimples!

Multimedia much like the dinosaur, swallowed me!
Multimedia much like the dinosaur, swallowed me!

Do I want to keep on reading? Absolutely! Both the book and the multimedia class is an eye-opener. I realized that there is so much happening around me like technology, art, design, and more that I simply took for granted. I want to keep exploring and know more. The book has a defined ending, but I am glad that there are additional chapters to the Multimedia class!