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Audio and Perception

Starting any new project is always the hard part. But once I start with an idea, it begins to bloom, take turns and grow. Sometimes ideas come pouring in that I have to force myself to remain focused. Such is the case for this week’s video project, Audio and Perception. First it was difficult to commit to an idea. Once I started to write it down and see a picture of what I am going to do then it became easier. I get ideas  while I am washing the dishes, brushing my teeth, in the shower, almost anywhere. I am not complaining, the project is challenging but really enjoyable.

Below are my story board and script. The story changed a bit when I started editing but I believe, the video captured audio and perception really well.  After the story board and script you will find the video, it’s only 32 seconds long. Since you’re already here and have read the story, why not go ahead and take a peek at the video too! Thanks 🙂

Story Board & A/V Script

Story board
The story board for this week’s video.
Audio, Video Script
The script, the top portion was early ideas.

Below is the YouTube video

Black and white butterfly on yellow flower


Transition is a process or period of change from one condition to another. Such as from being a young child to an adult. Or a student going to school to get an education.  As the student is introduced to new ideas and concepts, the student is changed forever.  From what he/she learned, a new knowledge base will be formed.  The student will rely on this knowledge in the future. It will give him/her the necessary skills to obtain gainful employment which could lead to a better life.  A series of constant changes but it doesn’t stop when school ends.

Life is constant transition, we will have ups and downs, rainy days and sunny days. Some days we win and some we lose. Some of us may stumble and fail at some endeavors. We should look upon those experiences not as failures but as learning opportunities. Opportunities to be a better person, partner, friend or citizen of this planet. As the sun rises and shines at the beginning of a new day, we too should rise and shine and be that ray of light to everyone our life touches.

Social Media Platforms

Based  on the  infographics I reviewed for this class I believe the social media platforms for my target audience will be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus. That is casting a wide net and primarily based on the platforms I am most familiar with and use most often. Without a formal research this is a hypothesis that my target demographic’s social media platform interest would be the same.

My content should be simple, easy to understand, timely, interesting and something that would add value.  Providing links or information to reliable sources would increase credibility and strength of content.  Having guest posts from noted subject matter experts is another means.  Staying connected by following back (Twitter, Instagram), liking pages, getting on email distribution are some ways to be actively engaged.

Here is an interesting slide share from We are Social on trends to watch in 2017. It covers everything Social from Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Social, Anti-Social to Social Currency.

Below is tech crunch summary of Mary Meeker’s report for 2016 Internet Trend Report. Slide 8 shows how mobile is fueling US advertising growth and Facebook’s impressive 59% growth. Also interesting how a social media post that goes viral can drive sales, and even made it to the report (Chewbacca mom).

Angles And Influence

The focus of this week’s assignment is Angles and Influence. This is my attempt to create a story and short video using what we learned about Angles, Camera Shots and Movement. Its challenging and a lot of fun!

I used a Canon EOS Rebel T6i 750D to shoot the video.
The music is from two awesome sites:
The Lonely soles are portrayed by my Happy soles.  Why are they happy? Because they survived the great shoe purge. 🙂

Prevent lonely soles, buy, wear or keep only what you love. TB

Below are the storyboard and script.

Story Board


Audio and Soundtrack

When I think of movies the ones that stands out are the ones with unforgettable soundtrack. It’s hard to imagine any movies without them. Think of Snow White without “Heigh-Ho” as the dwarfs were working in the mines, Star Wars without it’s signature theme during the intro (see video below), the Sound of Music without “Do, Re, Mi”, or “THE” song, “The Sound of Music”,  Indiana Jones without his theme song playing as he is being chased by some bad guys with a snake in his bag.

Audio is vital to the story being told. It transports us to the scene by getting us emotionally connected to what we are seeing. This article from The Sun Chronicle talks about the importance of good audio. The article also offers great tips for interview sounds and voice over.

As far as my favorite soundtrack, it’s hard to narrow down to just one. Including  what I’ve mentioned above, I was thinking of one great soundtrack after another…The Godfather; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Mission Impossible; Kill Bill, LOTR, and many more. Since I have to pick one I’ll choose James Bond. They come up with great music for all the series but I’ll focus on the theme song. It’s hard not to get excited whenever I hear it. I correlate it to and anticipate great action, conflict, cool gadgets, mystery, bad villain/anti-hero, and of course plenty of James or should I say Bond…James Bond.

Common Theme Slideshow

This week’s project for my Digital Media Class is to create a common theme slideshow.  It turned out longer than I wanted and I could revise but I have to move on other assignments. I really enjoyed working on this and could do more so I will revise this on my free time.  My beautiful music is from the Free Music Archive. Here is the website:

Below is the You tube video:

Script Scene Study

This week for my Digital Video class we were assigned to create an Audio and Visual Two Column Format Script Scene Study from a movie scene that is between 20 to 60 seconds long.  Deciding which movie to choose was the first challenge. Should I do a musical, comedy, drama? In the end I chose a scene from one of my favorite movies, Love Actually. There are several scenes available on YouTube but the scene called “Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now” is my winner.

My study began at 00:25 and ends at 01:27. If you want to cry go ahead and watch the entire scene. Superb acting combined with the music just gets me all the time. This is a fun exercise, it made me pay attention to details that I have never paid particular attention to in movies before. Things like where the camera angles are coming from, the dialogue, the music, the transition from one scene to another.  In my research, I also found out that this scene took 7 takes.  In this article, the script writer and broadcaster Emma Freud – who also happens to be director Richard Curtis’s wife, talks about it.

Below is my Two Column Format Script Scene Study.


Introduction to Rube Goldberg

My research on the assigned topic for this week introduced me to Rueben Goldberg, the brilliant inventor and Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist who invented the Rube Goldberg Machine that was used in the movie ‘The Way things Go.’  I have seen the machine in action a lot of times and enjoyed it but didn’t know that there was an actual name for it. I think the use of the Rube Goldberg machine is a fun and entertaining way of incorporating art and humor into a simple or serious message. Goldberg himself used it to bring light to serious topics like politics and war.

To learn more about Goldberg, please watch the short biographical overview below by Eric Haines (video from

Has it inspired other cartoonists, videos or music? As I have mentioned, I didn’t know that I was watching the machine in action for a long time now. Thanks to this class, I have learned yet again something new! The machine has been used music videos, TV advertisements and movies. Speaking of movies, below is a video that names the Top 10 Rube Goldberg Machines in Movies.

Last but not least is one of my favorite use of Rube Goldberg animation by a Dutch discount store store called HEMA. Please click on the link, make sure you have some volume so you can listen to the sound effects too. Enjoy!

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship for  me is the set of standards, rules and responsibilities that all digital users must observe and follow.  I believe that we should conduct ourselves in the digital world no different to that of our regular/real world. Our digital representation is an extension of who we are. We should always keep in mind that there is a real person behind a user (at least for now until AI becomes a substitute).

‘Pay it Forward’ is receiving a good deed from someone and passing it on to someone else. In marketing or online story-telling, it is the practice of providing something useful and informative to users/buyers/visitors who will in turn share or pass the information along to their friends, family or acquaintances. I practice paying it forward online by sharing useful information I have read on my blog page and/or email it to my relatives and friends.