Script Scene Study

This week for my Digital Video class we were assigned to create an Audio and Visual Two Column Format Script Scene Study from a movie scene that is between 20 to 60 seconds long.  Deciding which movie to choose was the first challenge. Should I do a musical, comedy, drama? In the end I chose a scene from one of my favorite movies, Love Actually. There are several scenes available on YouTube but the scene called “Joni Mitchell Both Sides Now” is my winner.

My study began at 00:25 and ends at 01:27. If you want to cry go ahead and watch the entire scene. Superb acting combined with the music just gets me all the time. This is a fun exercise, it made me pay attention to details that I have never paid particular attention to in movies before. Things like where the camera angles are coming from, the dialogue, the music, the transition from one scene to another.  In my research, I also found out that this scene took 7 takes.  In this article, the script writer and broadcaster Emma Freud – who also happens to be director Richard Curtis’s wife, talks about it.

Below is my Two Column Format Script Scene Study.



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