Audio and Soundtrack

When I think of movies the ones that stands out are the ones with unforgettable soundtrack. It’s hard to imagine any movies without them. Think of Snow White without “Heigh-Ho” as the dwarfs were working in the mines, Star Wars without it’s signature theme during the intro (see video below), the Sound of Music without “Do, Re, Mi”, or “THE” song, “The Sound of Music”,  Indiana Jones without his theme song playing as he is being chased by some bad guys with a snake in his bag.

Audio is vital to the story being told. It transports us to the scene by getting us emotionally connected to what we are seeing. This article from The Sun Chronicle talks about the importance of good audio. The article also offers great tips for interview sounds and voice over.

As far as my favorite soundtrack, it’s hard to narrow down to just one. Including  what I’ve mentioned above, I was thinking of one great soundtrack after another…The Godfather; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Mission Impossible; Kill Bill, LOTR, and many more. Since I have to pick one I’ll choose James Bond. They come up with great music for all the series but I’ll focus on the theme song. It’s hard not to get excited whenever I hear it. I correlate it to and anticipate great action, conflict, cool gadgets, mystery, bad villain/anti-hero, and of course plenty of James or should I say Bond…James Bond.


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