Social Media Platforms

Based  on the  infographics I reviewed for this class I believe the social media platforms for my target audience will be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google plus. That is casting a wide net and primarily based on the platforms I am most familiar with and use most often. Without a formal research this is a hypothesis that my target demographic’s social media platform interest would be the same.

My content should be simple, easy to understand, timely, interesting and something that would add value.  Providing links or information to reliable sources would increase credibility and strength of content.  Having guest posts from noted subject matter experts is another means.  Staying connected by following back (Twitter, Instagram), liking pages, getting on email distribution are some ways to be actively engaged.

Here is an interesting slide share from We are Social on trends to watch in 2017. It covers everything Social from Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Social, Anti-Social to Social Currency.

Below is tech crunch summary of Mary Meeker’s report for 2016 Internet Trend Report. Slide 8 shows how mobile is fueling US advertising growth and Facebook’s impressive 59% growth. Also interesting how a social media post that goes viral can drive sales, and even made it to the report (Chewbacca mom).


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