Black and white butterfly on yellow flower


Transition is a process or period of change from one condition to another. Such as from being a young child to an adult. Or a student going to school to get an education.  As the student is introduced to new ideas and concepts, the student is changed forever.  From what he/she learned, a new knowledge base will be formed.  The student will rely on this knowledge in the future. It will give him/her the necessary skills to obtain gainful employment which could lead to a better life.  A series of constant changes but it doesn’t stop when school ends.

Life is constant transition, we will have ups and downs, rainy days and sunny days. Some days we win and some we lose. Some of us may stumble and fail at some endeavors. We should look upon those experiences not as failures but as learning opportunities. Opportunities to be a better person, partner, friend or citizen of this planet. As the sun rises and shines at the beginning of a new day, we too should rise and shine and be that ray of light to everyone our life touches.


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