Audio and Perception

Starting any new project is always the hard part. But once I start with an idea, it begins to bloom, take turns and grow. Sometimes ideas come pouring in that I have to force myself to remain focused. Such is the case for this week’s video project, Audio and Perception. First it was difficult to commit to an idea. Once I started to write it down and see a picture of what I am going to do then it became easier. I get ideas  while I am washing the dishes, brushing my teeth, in the shower, almost anywhere. I am not complaining, the project is challenging but really enjoyable.

Below are my story board and script. The story changed a bit when I started editing but I believe, the video captured audio and perception really well.  After the story board and script you will find the video, it’s only 32 seconds long. Since you’re already here and have read the story, why not go ahead and take a peek at the video too! Thanks 🙂

Story Board & A/V Script

Story board
The story board for this week’s video.
Audio, Video Script
The script, the top portion was early ideas.

Below is the YouTube video


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