Motion Graphics

Picking three favorite example of motion graphics in a video or movie was a challenge. As with other assignment for this class, it required me to go back and think about motion graphics that are memorable and have somehow connected with me.

My first choice was a stand-out motion graphics. It appears to be so simple (I know now that nothing in movie making is just that), but so very effective. It’s the opening credits or crawl for Star Wars. Below is the YouTube video.

From my research, I learned that George Lucas was inspired to create this style of opening by the opening crawl of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon Film series1. I still remember seeing this for the first time in the theater. It was dark, the movie begins with the blue text on black “A long time ago…”, reading it, combined with that awesome John Williams score, gave me goosebumps. What a feeling of anticipation.

My second choice is a music video entitled “Seven Nation Army” from the husband/wife rock duo White Stripes. The video’s use of repetition, reflection and symmetry almost gave it an appearance of peering inside a kaleidoscope. Only 3 colors were used, red, white, and black. The triangle is also prominent, but if you look closely is it a triangle or a diamond? Along with the terrific music and the familiar Jack White riff makes this super memorable. Below is the video, see for yourself let me know if you agree.

Last but not least is another music video. It’s Regina Spektor’s video for the song she wrote and produced called “Laughing With”.  The music and lyrics are not funny, it’s all about things that could happen to anyone that could bring about dramatic changes. The motion graphics are beautiful, it features some surrealism and modern art. I like the trees that changes into butterflies, the leading lines on the uneven tile floors, the paintings that are more than just paintings, and many more. Each time I watch I see something new. Here is the video.

Hope you enjoy this post, let me know what you think. Please share with me some of your favorite motion graphics in a video or movie in the comments section. Thanks!



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