Holey Glove

This week’s video project is about Transition and/or Transformation which I have defined as a process or period of change from one condition to another.  Several ideas came to me…baking, transforming the veggies into a salad, the weather, the sun, clouds and others. But my husband came home one day complaining that he’s got a hole (actually there’s 3 lol) in his glove.  So the rest as they say is history :).

Audio/Video Script
Audio/Video Script

I enjoyed making this video, It’s been years since I’ve taken out and used my sewing kit. It brought back fond memories of my grandmother teaching me how to sew. She’s in heaven now and I am sure she smiled a bit because I remembered what she taught me.  It gave me satisfaction that I can fix thing and not be wasteful.  I also like the lesson we can learn from the needle and thread, they are small and inanimate, but in the hands of people, it can mend holes and bring things together.


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