Tree with Orange Flowers

My Story and Call To Action

Door slightly open
Where will the door lead you?

When a door closes it’s not a bad thing. What happens next will depend on our reaction to the situation. We have an option of staying put, feel sorry that we are trapped or wait for someone to rescue us. Those are not bad, but there are better options. How about looking for another opening, maybe a window, or another door. Maybe there wasn’t even a door after all, it was all a mirage.

The door closing was a metaphor for the first and only time I was laid off from a job. I was devastated, hurt, and rejected. I have always been a stellar employee. I knew that because I always get great reviews, stock options, big bonuses, and promotions. But business is business, mergers and acquisitions happen. Employees gets laid off.

So, I look for an opening and boy not only did a find a great one for me. The opening was big enough for both my husband and I! That door closing made us look deeper into our lives, evaluate what really mattered to us. We found that most important is our relationship, family and friends, our faith, health and peace of mind. Money is needed but thankfully, we live simply and have been saving for rainy days so it’s not a concern.

There's a great big world waiting to be explored!
There’s a great big world out there waiting to be explored!

We decided it is time to live, really live. The door to the entire world is open, when and where we end up is entirely up to us. My husband quit his job. We sold our house and its contents. All that we kept is whatever would fit inside a U-Haul trailer. We head west and unloaded the U-Haul at my father-in-law’s barn. We stayed a few weeks to help them with some neglected maintenance. Then we bought a one-way ticket to Mexico. We ended up traveling for 5 months in Central and South America. It was a blast! Many memorable experiences. We decided we need a way to share our incredible journey. My husband said we should write a blog. We looked it up, seems easy. But when we got started it was more complicated that we expected.

Enter Peninsula College, it offers Multimedia Communications degree. I enrolled in the program, found that I love it and would like to incorporate what I have been learning in building my brand. At the same time I’d like to use my new-found knowledge and skills to help others with their website, graphics, or photography needs.

My call to action for the blog will be to request people to provide their emails so they can receive updates, request ‘likes’ on Facebook page and ‘follow’ on Twitter and Instagram. For the services I would add a contact form where they could submit an inquiry and their contact information

Below are some examples of Call to Action Images (all photos c/o Pixabay). These are examples, I will create original images later on.

contact-us-1728620_960_720 group-1825512_960_720 human-1138001_960_720 like-1314734_960_720


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