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Community Engagement

Staying on top of 4 classes that are all pretty demanding is taking its toll on my social media life. That said most of my “socializing” has been mostly on the required wordpress blog and weebly websites. Ignoring my current situation, the communities I engage with consists of my family, friends, classmates from grade school thru college (yup thru Facebook), work colleagues, classmates from Peninsula College via Canvas, members of Port Angeles Senior Center, other volunteers at the local Habitat for Humanity and followers on my Twitter, Blog, Flipboard and Instagram. The platform I use most often are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flipboard.

Connecting electronically via Social Media
Connecting electronically via Social Media Photo: Pixabay

Most of my interaction consists of getting and giving updates on status or situation, providing words of encouragement for friends who are down, joining in on celebration for happy events. I think as I establish my brand, I would like for these interactions to be more brand oriented. To get the word out that I am available for hire as a web and graphics designer. Establishing a relationship with another company could be beneficial for their brand as well as mine. I could introduce their products/capabilities to my friends/followers and they could do the same for me. I would like to foster a relationship with everyone, a casual internet user or a friendly face could be a potential client or that person might know someone who could use my services.


Here is an article on Social Media engagement that I need to master in order to improve my  engagement. Ten Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement.


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