Storytelling in Social Media

Storytelling works. Not only in marketing but in almost everything…teaching, movies, songs, news, TV ads, book covers, leadership you name it. In fact, I have read that “When it comes to inspiring people to embrace some strange new change in behavior, storytelling isn’t just better than the other tools. It’s the only thing that works.”1 It is no surprise that storytelling is even more effective in Social Media. Why? It’s because we are all social creatures. We like to hear stories that we can relate to, we like to be entertained or intrigued. For me, I like those components but I also love stories that can lead to discovery and personal growth.

Giant Tortoise
T with giant tortoise

This continuous search for knowledge and growth led us (me and my husband) to discover a blog/website that we love. The site is called Mr. Money Mustache (or MMM), Financial Freedom Through Badassity. Yes, the brand looks & sounds funny but the message and content are serious, life-altering stuff.  The blog certainly has influenced some of our decisions and he has a huge following of faithful Mustachians. Here is his introduction on his very first blog post:

Hi there. If we haven’t met, my name is Mr. Money Mustache. I’m the freaky financial magician who retired along with a lovely wife at age 30 in order to start a family, as well as start living a great life. We did this on two normal salaries with no lottery winnings or Silicon Valley buyout windfalls, by living what we thought was a wonderful and fulfilling existence. It was only after quitting the rat race that we looked around and realized why we had become financially independent while most people, even with higher incomes, end up stuck needing to work until age 65 or later.

What a great story and introduction. When we started reading the MMM blog both my husband and I were working full-time stressful jobs; on the proverbial rat race.  Early retirement is not even on our radar but we knew we wanted to live a great life.  And who doesn’t want meaningful and fulfilling experiences during our short visit on earth?

Lighthouse in the Oregon Coast

Our path and story is different from MMM.  But my husband and I felt that we too have a story to share.  That we can inspire and empower others to embrace change.  Here is the introduction on our blog:

Hi, we are John and Terry.  Fast approaching fifty, we were a typical American family…2 jobs, 2 cars, 2 kids, 2-hour commute, too little time together.  Always tired and sometimes grumpy. Once our kids were making their own life choices, we embraced change ourselves.  We started with the rather obvious but important discovery that we control our destiny and had the power to make rapid and important changes to our lifestyle.  Priorities to make the most of our time and opportunities.

Well that’s my story, here is the link to our website if you want to read some of our adventures.

Beside the blog pages, below are a couple of great articles on storytelling.

Why Leaders Need to Be Great Storytellers




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