ROI & Social Media Marketing Goals

ROI for my company would mean continued costumer engagement and growing reach.  Ideally, getting feedback and comments where I could learn from as to what is effective or helpful would be great.

Social media marketing goals would be establishing increased awareness of my brand. This could lead to mentions, likes, follows, tweets or retweets.

Ideal examples of success would be increased traffic because of word-of-mouth and positive customer feedback. On a personal level, if I put out information or product that helped a person or group that would be a success.

Measuring ROI on Social Media would be done using analytics. This would provide data such as traffic sources, browsers or screen resolution, top pages viewed and demographics. Traffic sources would let me know if I am getting referrals or if my page appeared based on key-word search. Data on browsers or screen resolution would be helpful in determining how I could optimize my site maybe by ensuring fast page loads and responsive design. Top pages viewed would be helpful in finding out what content viewers find interesting. I could use this as a basis for future offerings. Lastly, demographics would allow me to see where my viewers are coming from. I know Google Analytics even breaks it down by Country and City. This would clarify who my viewers/costumers are. It could also pin-point if I am on-point with my target demographics.


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