I’ve never put much thought on movies before, I viewed them as entertainment. However taking a class in digital video changed my mind.  It forced me to look deeper at the subtle hints, messages or information that the movies are trying to convey. The medium is a very powerful tool and great influence because it is readily available, easily accessed and for the most part affordable.

For this week, we are to name one film that was used as propaganda, share our thoughts and determine if it was effective or not.  One movie that came to my mind is The Terminator.  Set in 1984, a cyborg assassin from the future (2029) traveled back in time in order to kill the mother of the future leader of the resistance group that will fight against an Artificial Intelligence defense network of machines in the post-apocalyptic future.

The movie was full of action, violence and unbelievable special effects. It appears that the movie is against technology as it implied that the world will be in chaos when the machines take over and will eventually enslave man. Was it effective?  Yes it is.  As with other sci-fi movies it also is effective in sparking the imagination of creators and inventors. And it provided a glimpse of what technology is capable of.  We don’t put much thought into it but we are in the midst of technological revolution.  Some are welcomed others not. This article talks about the technology in the movie Terminator that is almost here. Below is the 1984 movie trailer.

I also found this clip that features the late Bill Paxton, see if you can recognize him.


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