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Social Media Marketing Assessment

My efforts using social media was really effective. How effective? See for yourself!

My wordpress site analytics. Notice the spike!

That orange spike was around the time I performed an assigned engagement activity. I solicited feedback and conducted a WordPress poll via Facebook and Twitter. Page activity was great even the following day.  This is not a scientific experiment but it is proof that engagement happens with the use of right engagement activity!

Through this class, I have discovered that I have the necessary tools and capability to expand my brand if I want to.  I was initially hesitant to utilize social media as a means to engage others in my brand. I was trying to separate business from personal relationships. But my brand is me and my connections are my circle/community. I look forward to the growth of my brand with the help of social media.

Social Media Images
Social Media Circle – It’s interconnected.

Future of Social Media

Social media is hugely popular and here to stay. Technology advancement will make some improvements to keep it going. I think the popularity of  real-time live video feeds on social media will continue, it has already began with Facebook live and instagram video. The huge popularity of Snapchat, not to mention the giant YouTube  is another proof of video’s popularity. Shorter videos will also be more popular and will be widely used for marketing and advertising.

As far as what I would recommend to a possible client?  If they are not on social media, I would suggests for them to give it a try. I will highlight the positive aspects of social as well the drawbacks and what to avoid. If they are on social media as a casual user, I would recommend that they try to look at the good aspects of social media, such as joining groups or clubs that they are interested in. If they have a business or brand I will show them how to use social media as a tool to help market their brand and make new connections.

Here is an article from Forbes: Social Media Trends in 2017 and another from B2C on the Future of Social Media where 37 Experts share their predictions.

Social Media

Review of 5 Social Media/Networking Apps

On this post I will be reviewing 5 Social Media/networking Apps. I will focus on the once I use most hence most familiar with.

Beautiful Cherry blossoms
Photos of flowers on Facebook and Instagram?  Thumbs up for me!

First App is Facebook. They didn’t start social media (remember Friendster and MySpace?) but Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media app today. In some ways this app is responsible for bringing people together and also for doing the opposite.  I have found some old friends on this app but somehow the relationship is not quite the same. There is no substitute for a good old in-person socialization. That said, it is great for staying in touch and can be used for marketing.  Still, Facebook can be taxing because some people just do not know how to use it properly.  I am talking about the sharing of pictures that wants you to like the page or type Amen, the ones that share endless recipes, their political views, their fights and drama and the repeated scarf-tying techniques.  I am sure it’s just me (getting older hah!), we all have our preferences.  Maybe that is why Facebook is so popular. I prefer to see more personal updates & photos or posts about kittens and flowers anytime.

Next app is Instagram. Instagram is an app for sharing photos, videos and now video stories that disappear (similar to Snapchat).  Photos posted on Instagram post can be shared with the other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter etc).  I find this App more manageable. I sometimes look at other posts but generally just glance for a few minutes each day. I use this as a visual diary for things that I want to remember.

Pinterest is another app that I use and like. This is the platform where I like to see recipes, fashion, arts and crafts ideas and more. I like how the boards are organized by a common theme.  I use this to keep ideas and images for reference/future use.

Twitter is an app that takes some getting used to.  It is social but unlike Facebook or Instagram you don’t need a registered account to read the tweets.  But if you want to tweet (which is limited to 140 characters btw) you should create an account.  Just like other social media platforms, the  account can be linked.  Tweeter can be a great tool in getting up-to-date news, information or trends. There are some nuggets to be had on tweeter but unfortunately there are also a lot of junk or worthless tweets.

My Flipboard magazines, a repository for my favorite news/stories.

The last app on this review is Flipboard.  Flipboard is an aggregation app for news and social media.  I really like it because of its broad content. I can aggregate items from news media, photo sharing sites, magazines, social media news outlet and others. The contents are presented in a magazine format (really fun on a mobile devices as you just flip through its content) I like that I can create my own Magazines for any/all topics.  Users can follow any magazine and comment on articles. This is my favorite app that I use everyday.

Social media is here to stay, maybe a new one will be popular next week or next month. I just hope that they are used mostly for improving human lives and relationships.  We are all now too familiar there are people out there who would rather spread untruths or make up stories. We have to keep using good judgement, adhere to proper etiquette and digital citizenship.

Perception of Social Media’s Benefit

Did my perception of social media’s benefit change after taking the social media marketing class? Yes, it did. I was aware that social media is a powerful tool for connecting with friends and loved ones, I mainly used it before for that purpose. I enjoy curating images and articles that I find interesting and useful. I used to think that that is handy, just for my personal use. But after taking the class, there is no denying that social media is a powerful marketing stage.  Proper implementation and utility could help make a brand. It can reach people from all social classes all over the world. Distance, language, and geography are no longer barriers. Social media’s reach is far and wide.

Connecting electronically via Social Media. photo:Pixabay
Connecting electronically via Social Media. Photo: Pixabay

However, at the same time it is good to be cognizant that with benefits comes corresponding risks. Oversharing of information can have negative impact. It is difficult to delete, take back or erase any opinion or information once it is out in the web. Neglect and improper use could lead to a brand’s demise or a damaged reputation. The use of social media requires everyone to be responsible and mindful digital citizens.

Here is an article from Forbes that gives some pointers on how to balance life and social media and article that lists advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

Storytelling Project: Green Building Program V2

This is version 2 of my storytelling project that features Peninsula College’s Green Building Program. I have incorporated comments from my professor and classmates  as well as feedback from friends and the results of the short poll I conducted via wordpress. I created this video using my Canon T6i camera, a tripod and Adobe Premier Pro.

Thanks so much to the awesome Green Building Program coordinator Pat Nickerson and his equally awesome students. But the biggest thanks of all goes to my wonderful husband, a student of the program, who gave me the idea to make a video that highlights the program. It was such a fun and wonderful learning experience.  Hope you all like it.

Thanks again to Aaron Cowan for allowing me to use Cascadia’s song ‘Far To Go’ for this video. Please check this video’s background music as well as the group’s other songs available at


Help With My Project

I need your assistance. I created a video for my school’s Green Building program and need your feedback so I can make  improvements.
Help me by:
1) watching the video
2) answering the 2 item poll.
That’s it!  Thanks for your help.

Here is the video.  Poll is below the video



If you want more details about this video, please read this post: Storytelling Project.


I am interested in various kinds of events; however, I find that certain topics get my attention whether I am at the library or browsing the web. I like to be informed of current issues and various other topics such as technology, finance, travel, social media, and many more. My Flipboard magazine and my Pinterest is a mishmash of topics that interests me.

My Flipboard magazines, a repository of my favorite articles.

A press release is a great way to get news and attention to a cause or topic.  This was previously utilized mostly by big corporations and organization with a PR department. However, in the age of internet and social media almost anyone can issue a press release. Personal websites can be used for press releases.

Participation in events is a great way to meet new people and make new connections. It helps bring awareness to your brand. It is also an enjoyable way to learn something new. The LIVE Twitter chat we had last week is a great example.  It’s a new experience that is really engaging, fun and informative.

Storytelling Project – PC’s Green Building Program

For the storytelling project, our team ‘Team Video Ventures’ whose members are Laura Keri, Donna Geer and myself decided to work on the video that features Peninsula College’s Green Building program.  This idea started because my husband is a student of the (Green Building) program. The purpose of the video is to serve as an introduction to the Green Building program, highlight what the program offers as well as showcase some of their accomplishments.

We started by developing an outline of potential topics that will be discussed and filmed. Followed by meeting with the program coordinator where we agreed on topics as well as established a filming date & time.  The video shoot occurred one week after the meeting. I have provided a brief explanation of the purpose and filming procedure to staff and students. After obtaining the appropriate release forms, shooting began.

Below is the project outline/plan that also served as our script. The responses by the teacher and students are unscripted and unrehearsed.  I read the questions before the shoot with no specific student in mind nor did I know who would be willing to face the camera.  The initial shooting session took about 5 hours and produced almost 90 clips.  We also have additional environmental shots.

Storytelling project plan
Storytelling Project Outline/Plan 1
Storytelling Project Outline/Plan 2

Below is Version 1 of the video. I am looking forward to your suggestions and feedback on how I can make it better. Thanks!

Thanks to the staff and students of the Green Building Program for their enthusiasm, friendship and cooperation.

I would also like to thank Aaron Cowan, lead singer of the group Cascadia for allowing me to use their music in this video.  Aaron is a local artist, he resides in Port Angeles and I met him via the local Facebook group.  I sent him a private message and he was OK with me using his music, he even sent me the MP3 file via email.  The title of the song I used is ‘Far To Go’.  Please visit their website to learn more and to listen to their other songs.

Here is the video of the group.