Storytelling Project – PC’s Green Building Program

For the storytelling project, our team ‘Team Video Ventures’ whose members are Laura Keri, Donna Geer and myself decided to work on the video that features Peninsula College’s Green Building program.  This idea started because my husband is a student of the (Green Building) program. The purpose of the video is to serve as an introduction to the Green Building program, highlight what the program offers as well as showcase some of their accomplishments.

We started by developing an outline of potential topics that will be discussed and filmed. Followed by meeting with the program coordinator where we agreed on topics as well as established a filming date & time.  The video shoot occurred one week after the meeting. I have provided a brief explanation of the purpose and filming procedure to staff and students. After obtaining the appropriate release forms, shooting began.

Below is the project outline/plan that also served as our script. The responses by the teacher and students are unscripted and unrehearsed.  I read the questions before the shoot with no specific student in mind nor did I know who would be willing to face the camera.  The initial shooting session took about 5 hours and produced almost 90 clips.  We also have additional environmental shots.

Storytelling project plan
Storytelling Project Outline/Plan 1
Storytelling Project Outline/Plan 2

Below is Version 1 of the video. I am looking forward to your suggestions and feedback on how I can make it better. Thanks!

Thanks to the staff and students of the Green Building Program for their enthusiasm, friendship and cooperation.

I would also like to thank Aaron Cowan, lead singer of the group Cascadia for allowing me to use their music in this video.  Aaron is a local artist, he resides in Port Angeles and I met him via the local Facebook group.  I sent him a private message and he was OK with me using his music, he even sent me the MP3 file via email.  The title of the song I used is ‘Far To Go’.  Please visit their website to learn more and to listen to their other songs.

Here is the video of the group.


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