Future of Social Media

Social media is hugely popular and here to stay. Technology advancement will make some improvements to keep it going. I think the popularity of  real-time live video feeds on social media will continue, it has already began with Facebook live and instagram video. The huge popularity of Snapchat, not to mention the giant YouTube  is another proof of video’s popularity. Shorter videos will also be more popular and will be widely used for marketing and advertising.

As far as what I would recommend to a possible client?  If they are not on social media, I would suggests for them to give it a try. I will highlight the positive aspects of social as well the drawbacks and what to avoid. If they are on social media as a casual user, I would recommend that they try to look at the good aspects of social media, such as joining groups or clubs that they are interested in. If they have a business or brand I will show them how to use social media as a tool to help market their brand and make new connections.

Here is an article from Forbes: Social Media Trends in 2017 and another from B2C on the Future of Social Media where 37 Experts share their predictions.


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