Social Media

Review of 5 Social Media/Networking Apps

On this post I will be reviewing 5 Social Media/networking Apps. I will focus on the once I use most hence most familiar with.

Beautiful Cherry blossoms
Photos of flowers on Facebook and Instagram?  Thumbs up for me!

First App is Facebook. They didn’t start social media (remember Friendster and MySpace?) but Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media app today. In some ways this app is responsible for bringing people together and also for doing the opposite.  I have found some old friends on this app but somehow the relationship is not quite the same. There is no substitute for a good old in-person socialization. That said, it is great for staying in touch and can be used for marketing.  Still, Facebook can be taxing because some people just do not know how to use it properly.  I am talking about the sharing of pictures that wants you to like the page or type Amen, the ones that share endless recipes, their political views, their fights and drama and the repeated scarf-tying techniques.  I am sure it’s just me (getting older hah!), we all have our preferences.  Maybe that is why Facebook is so popular. I prefer to see more personal updates & photos or posts about kittens and flowers anytime.

Next app is Instagram. Instagram is an app for sharing photos, videos and now video stories that disappear (similar to Snapchat).  Photos posted on Instagram post can be shared with the other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter etc).  I find this App more manageable. I sometimes look at other posts but generally just glance for a few minutes each day. I use this as a visual diary for things that I want to remember.

Pinterest is another app that I use and like. This is the platform where I like to see recipes, fashion, arts and crafts ideas and more. I like how the boards are organized by a common theme.  I use this to keep ideas and images for reference/future use.

Twitter is an app that takes some getting used to.  It is social but unlike Facebook or Instagram you don’t need a registered account to read the tweets.  But if you want to tweet (which is limited to 140 characters btw) you should create an account.  Just like other social media platforms, the  account can be linked.  Tweeter can be a great tool in getting up-to-date news, information or trends. There are some nuggets to be had on tweeter but unfortunately there are also a lot of junk or worthless tweets.

My Flipboard magazines, a repository for my favorite news/stories.

The last app on this review is Flipboard.  Flipboard is an aggregation app for news and social media.  I really like it because of its broad content. I can aggregate items from news media, photo sharing sites, magazines, social media news outlet and others. The contents are presented in a magazine format (really fun on a mobile devices as you just flip through its content) I like that I can create my own Magazines for any/all topics.  Users can follow any magazine and comment on articles. This is my favorite app that I use everyday.

Social media is here to stay, maybe a new one will be popular next week or next month. I just hope that they are used mostly for improving human lives and relationships.  We are all now too familiar there are people out there who would rather spread untruths or make up stories. We have to keep using good judgement, adhere to proper etiquette and digital citizenship.


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