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Marvin Shields

Respect Video

Week 4 project for my Directing and Production Class is a 30 second video on Respect. There are so many ways to show respect.  I have been watching things that are happening around me.  There are many examples  of both respectful  and some disrespectful traits. But my mind keeps going back to the monument we visited during a recent trip to Port Townsend Washington.  That is where I saw the memorial for Marvin Glenn Shields. It was impactful; a healthy young person, gone so soon.  I took several photos and videos not really thinking that I would end up using it for my project.  But as I was trying to mind map ideas, it formed.

I was thinking of all the things that I was so concerned about  about when I was 25. They were so important to me then.  And even now, all the little trivial things that bothers me?  It all becomes so insignificant  when looked at from a different perspective. This is my short quick, tribute to Marvin Shields.

Mossy Branch

Respect and Personal Responsibility

Respect and personal responsibility are among the character traits that each of us must possess to successfully function as a member of society. It is introduced to most of us a an early age by our parents/parent figure, elders, leaders, teachers, or clergy.  We learn to respect ourselves and others.  It extends to animals, nature, and even inanimate objects. Learning to communicate and express anger or disappointment instead of hurting others or hurling insults is being respectful. Same with being tolerant and accepting of others differences. We are so lucky to be living in a country where individuals have rights and we are respected.  Let’s not take for granted that we have the freedom to voice our opinions and preferences. Not everyone is as lucky as us.

Personal responsibility is taking ownership of our thoughts and actions.  It is fulfilling our obligation, keeping promises, doing what we say we will do. It’s the ability and responsibility to do what is right and set good examples to others. These traits will help guide us in creating media that are thoughtful, real, and honest.

Being truthful and real matters. People want to be entertained but they also care about what they see.  One of our projects this quarter is a mini-documentary.  I always assume that a documentary provides a factual record of real events. That is, until this morning when I heard a podcast. I was surprised to hear that there were a couple of earlier documentaries that were staged! But now that we are making films, we know there are some limitations to what our cameras can do. Please listen to this enlightening podcast or read the article and please watch the clips too.


Craving Solved!

I am the marketing folks prime target. I see something on screen or print I immediately want it! In this case, I think it helped me in addressing a project we were given for my Directing and Production class. The topic is ingenuity, which  happens because there is a problem and it is solved by cleverness, creativity, and inventiveness.  This video is entirely selfish but it addressed my immediate need, which was something sweet and creamy but my version is a bit on the healthy side.

Cat videos were the culprit!  First it was cat talking then funny things they do which led to cats eating ice cream!!! All that visual enticement and before long I want ice cream too!  So I captured the scenes of cats using a new free app from EZVID.  Then I searched my fridge for ingredients. Yup, I always keep frozen fruit and luckily I still have a container of yogurt. I just dumped both into the Vitamix blender and a few minutes later, a frozen treat! I swear eating it was the fastest thing I’ve done! But making this video is so much fun. Hope you like it!!

Volunteer hands

Short Documentary: OMC Volunteer Program

Another project for my Directing and Production class is to form a team that will produce a mini (up to 10 minutes) documentary that focuses on another nonprofit group or organization that has a significant meaning to us.  I am once again teamed up with Donna Geer and Jack Cote, yay for team!  For this project, we have chosen to highlight Olympic Medical Center’s (OMC) Volunteer Program.

There are many reasons why people volunteer.  I personally do it because it is a great way to give back and be involved in the community.  For this project we will explore the history of the OMC’s volunteer program.  We will also highlight some of their accomplishments and feature a few volunteers. Each of them have a unique story and we hope that the mini-film will help inspire more people to join the group to share their talents and time.

Veteran with flag

Non Profit Video: Veterans Resource Center

One of the projects for my Directing and Production class this quarter is to make a team video that focuses on a local nonprofit group.  I have the great opportunity to work on this project with my talented classmates Donna Geer and Jack Cote.  The nonprofit group we have agreed to be the subject of our video is the Veterans Resource Center.

What a great way to give back to the veterans who have unselfishly served for our country. It is a small contribution but we hope the video we create can help highlight some of the pressing needs our veterans faces such as medical, housing and education. We also have an insiders point of view in this project, I have learned that our team member Jack is a veteran! This is an exciting project where we can apply all the new skills and techniques we have learned from this class.

My Motivators

Week 2 assignment for my Directing and Production class is a 30-second video on what motivates us into action.  I am lucky to have reached a point in my life that almost all my actions are based on things I want to do.  So my motivators are learning, discovery, adventure, happiness and family/love.   Charity and maintaining a healthy body and relationships should be there too but we only have 30 seconds. Below is the story board followed by the YouTube video. I am not an illustrator so you have to use your imagination.

One page storyboard
Bridge with waterlilies

The Inventor, The Leader and The Artist

This week’s assignment in my Directing and Production Class is to write an essay on documentaries about an inventor, artist and/or  leader that inspired me. The world is full or remarkable and inspiring people but I have to narrow it down to three, they are:

The Inventor – Ada Lovelace

Not an inventor per se but rather a visionary mathematician.  Ada Lovelace was considered by many as the first computer programmer.   She worked with and was a friend of Charles Babbage who is also known as “the Father of Computers.”  Although her computer program didn’t have a lot of impact, her insights on the potential applications of mechanical computers were. She was the first person to imagine that computers could be used to represent things beyond numbers. Yay, for being a bad-ass female mathematician! The short video below is a pretty nice summary.

The Leader – Andy Warhol

Not a political or business leader but his cultural and geopolitical awareness made him such an influential figure in American art history.  Andy was one of the leaders of the Pop Art Movement. In the attached documentary, the narrator said “Andy is Pop Art and Pop Art is Andy.”  He was not afraid to be different. He thinks being different is good. He sees beauty in everything.  He coined the term  ’15 minutes of fame’ in the 60’s which was appropriate then and I think more so now.  But I guess it will always be fitting because we humans have a short attention span and will always be in search of something new.  If you click on the provided link you will be dismayed to learn that our average attention span at 8 seconds is shorter than a goldfish!!!

We think Instagram/social media is new, but from reading Andy’s biography, I believe him to be the original Instagram influencer.  He used to take photographs of people and films of things around him all the time. He’s a prolific artist so in your down time try to look at some of his work.  The documentary I’ve attached is part 1, part 2 is also available on YouTube.

“Life is a series of images that change as it repeats itself.”  Andy Warhol

The Artist – Claude Monet

My love for flowers and nature naturally drew me to artists who are known for their works on the same subjects.  And one of my early favorites is Claude Monet. He was a founder of French Impressionist painting, and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement’s philosophy of expressing one’s perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting.[1]

One of my dreams is to visit his(Monet’s) garden in Giverny.  Still a dream but I was lucky enough to have visited a replica at the New York Botanical Garden. A few years ago, while living on the East Coast they featured a live exhibit that includes a waterlily pond complete with the Japanese bridge. I was thrilled!

At the bridge
Not Giverny but still a fond memory.

Below is a documentary from BBC about Monet entitled “Mad about Monet”.  It highlights his life, work and legacy. In it you will see where he grew up, some clips of him in his garden, some of his relatives and people who admires his work.

While writing this post, I realized that Monet was influential in my love of flowers, colors and nature. It made me appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. It was a revelation that I never realized until now.  This discovery made this assignment is so much fun. How about you?  Who are the  artists, leaders, innovators that have influenced your life?

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Nonprofit Video Project: Sequim Irrigation Festival

Did you know that the longest continuous running festival in Washington state is right here in the Peninsula?  Yes, it’s the Sequim Irrigation Festival! The first celebration occurred 122 years ago in 1896. The  festival honors the works of early Sequim settlers who designed and developed the Irrigation Ditches that brought water from the Dungeness River to the parched prairie of the valley.

I have never been to the festival before so I am excited learn more about it and make it the subject of my nonprofit video project.  It will be fun to find out who will be in crowds, will it be locals or tourists?  What draws people to these event?  Is it their first time like me or is it a tradition to attend every year?  Why are events such as this one important to the community?  I hope to capture all of these and more.

Float image from Festival
Photo c/o Sequim Dungeness Museum & Arts Center via Festival Website

This year’s festivities will be held May 5th -14th and will feature a whole gamut of events that includes an innovative arts and crafts fair, a Family Fun Day, First Friday Art Walk, golf tournament, hot rod car show, a parade and many more.  The festival’s website provides detailed information on events, volunteering opportunities as well as forms for vendors and show participants.

Are you attending the festival? I sure hope so…see you there!