Craving Solved!

I am the marketing folks prime target. I see something on screen or print I immediately want it! In this case, I think it helped me in addressing a project we were given for my Directing and Production class. The topic is ingenuity, which  happens because there is a problem and it is solved by cleverness, creativity, and inventiveness.  This video is entirely selfish but it addressed my immediate need, which was something sweet and creamy but my version is a bit on the healthy side.

Cat videos were the culprit!  First it was cat talking then funny things they do which led to cats eating ice cream!!! All that visual enticement and before long I want ice cream too!  So I captured the scenes of cats using a new free app from EZVID.  Then I searched my fridge for ingredients. Yup, I always keep frozen fruit and luckily I still have a container of yogurt. I just dumped both into the Vitamix blender and a few minutes later, a frozen treat! I swear eating it was the fastest thing I’ve done! But making this video is so much fun. Hope you like it!!


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