Mossy Branch

Respect and Personal Responsibility

Respect and personal responsibility are among the character traits that each of us must possess to successfully function as a member of society. It is introduced to most of us a an early age by our parents/parent figure, elders, leaders, teachers, or clergy.  We learn to respect ourselves and others.  It extends to animals, nature, and even inanimate objects. Learning to communicate and express anger or disappointment instead of hurting others or hurling insults is being respectful. Same with being tolerant and accepting of others differences. We are so lucky to be living in a country where individuals have rights and we are respected.  Let’s not take for granted that we have the freedom to voice our opinions and preferences. Not everyone is as lucky as us.

Personal responsibility is taking ownership of our thoughts and actions.  It is fulfilling our obligation, keeping promises, doing what we say we will do. It’s the ability and responsibility to do what is right and set good examples to others. These traits will help guide us in creating media that are thoughtful, real, and honest.

Being truthful and real matters. People want to be entertained but they also care about what they see.  One of our projects this quarter is a mini-documentary.  I always assume that a documentary provides a factual record of real events. That is, until this morning when I heard a podcast. I was surprised to hear that there were a couple of earlier documentaries that were staged! But now that we are making films, we know there are some limitations to what our cameras can do. Please listen to this enlightening podcast or read the article and please watch the clips too.


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