Marvin Shields

Respect Video

Week 4 project for my Directing and Production Class is a 30 second video on Respect. There are so many ways to show respect.  I have been watching things that are happening around me.  There are many examples  of both respectful  and some disrespectful traits. But my mind keeps going back to the monument we visited during a recent trip to Port Townsend Washington.  That is where I saw the memorial for Marvin Glenn Shields. It was impactful; a healthy young person, gone so soon.  I took several photos and videos not really thinking that I would end up using it for my project.  But as I was trying to mind map ideas, it formed.

I was thinking of all the things that I was so concerned about  about when I was 25. They were so important to me then.  And even now, all the little trivial things that bothers me?  It all becomes so insignificant  when looked at from a different perspective. This is my short quick, tribute to Marvin Shields.


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