Red Starfish

Advertising Impact

The focus of this week’s post is the power of advertising during the Super Bowl or other highly watch broadcasted events. I am in trouble! You see, we don’t watch TV, we have no cable, stream or even an old fashion antenna. We just happen to not enjoy television any longer.  We still own a television for my karaoke, hey a girl’s gotta sing sometimes 🙂 .  So I turn to the ever popular YouTube for help. The Ad for Bai caught my eye. It features Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake. Let’s watch it first shall we?

It seems at first that Walken is fed up with consumerism and ‘buy, buy, buy’, that is, until you see Justin Timberlake.  Then you realize that he was simply reciting the lyrics to Timberlake/InSync’s song ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’. (For those unfamiliar with the song here is the link.) Then the drink appears…Bai.  Three words that sound alike but with different meanings. Pretty clever use of homonyms!

The Ad is 30 seconds long and we are learning how to make effective short videos. So it’s exciting to see a great example in use.

Selling products and services are what the ads are for.  Most of it are for a shiny new item. I can’t appreciate it because of what is going with a lot of people. This article from Business Insider on how  America’s Consumer Debt is Piling Up states that “45% of Americans have to spend up to half of their monthly income on debt repayment.” In other words they are ‘debt slaves’. I have been there and can recall how stressful it was to worry about paying debt. So as a media creator, I will try to go the opposite direction. Instead of shiny new stuff (and debt) I will highlight simple, free but meaningful things. Items that are available to everyone and doesn’t require spending money. We all have a choice…money or life. I choose life.

Here’s a video that might inspire you. It features one of Washington’s  best selling author Vicki Robin.


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