Immersive Media

When it comes to perspective widening experiences in a cinema, performance, production, social media, gaming, and immersive media there are several I can think of. For cinema, I must go back a long time to the first movie that I so, so, love. It wasn’t in 3-D but it was immersive enough for a 6 year old  me.  The movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As a kid, I remember how much I enjoyed cartoons. But this was beyond cartoon, it has a great story, lots of colors, talking animals, and there’s singing too! I spent many days, day-dreaming about that movie. It transported me to a magical place where the everything is right and people and animals are in harmony. A place where people whistle while they work. I don’t know about you but that’s my kind of place.  Now I still sometimes whistle and sing while I work 😊.  Thanks to Snow White.

I’ve seen several performances which are all quite amazing and very entertaining but the one that gave me a great appreciation for theater is Phantom of the Opera. Also not in 3-D or 4-D. Maybe because it is the very first Broadway show I have watched that made it so unforgettable. I never knew a live performance could connect so well with an audience. It is even more powerful than movies because as an audience you are drawn to observe, feel, and watch what is going on in the stage that you are totally captivated. There are no other distractions, well maybe nowadays the smart phone will.  But that wasn’t the case back then so I want to remember it that way.

Gaming and immersive media can be a fun shared experience to a point. I remembered playing games with my boys when they were growing up, games such as Mario Kart, tennis, or golf on Wii. But we also made sure that we exposed them to the real thing. There is no substitute to the feeling of joy when you hit the golf ball straight down the fairway or the dismay when it goes down the pond. Balance and moderation is the key. I believe it starts with the parents and they have to set the limits.

4-D is a form of entertainment when they combine 3- dimensional (i.e. something that has width, height, and depth (length) with physical effects in harmony with the film. Effects imitated in a 4D production may include water droplets, blowing air, smell, and vibration. Disney has been using 4D in their theme park shows. According to the story below, 4D has been used for over 30 years now! My family experienced the 4-D show “It’s a Bug’s Life’ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  It was very entertaining.  We stood in line because of our kids but I must admit most parents appears to have really enjoyed it too!


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