Shared Experience Video Previs

Sometimes you really have to read the instructions thoroughly before you take action. This week is a great example.  I quickly read the heading and scanned the texts.  What stood in my mind was ‘Shared Experience Video’ and ‘create a 60 second video’. I totally missed the next two words…PROJECT STORYBOARD.  Never mind that the subject was clearly labeled PREVIS!

So what did I end up doing yesterday?  A storyboard AND a shared experience video from our last field trip. Duh!  Really, I just had to add more work on my plate.  Anyway, since this video is finished you might as well view it.  So below are my storyboard and shared experience video.

Story board for shared experience

For my shared experience project I chose to focus on the Star Trek Exhibit. The exhibit is very well done. It is amazing how much influence the show has on our lives. What’s even more amazing is that the things that were imagined by writers in the story are now real! As you read this on your personal computer or tablet or smart device, are you just not in awe? Hope you enjoy.


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