Funding For Films

Making a film or any project requires 1) time or schedule, 2) scope or features/requirements and 3) cost or funds. Let’s imagine (over-simplified example) that we have an idea for a great film. Requirements (scripts, storyboards, actors etc.) are lined-up as well as the schedule but we have no funds. Don’t despair, there are ways to obtain funding.

Grantspace provides funding information and resources available to artists of all types. The site lists helpful links on writing grant proposals, sponsorships, and other information that individual artists may find useful.

An article I read from Forbes lists several ways to raise money for an independent film. They are: equity, pre-sales, Loans or bridge financing, Tax credits , Crowd-funding and Deferred payments.  Do you think sponsors were lining up to fund the Coen brothers first film?  Read the full article  the answer may surprise you.  It also provides explanation on each method.

Getting funding is not easy, but there are a lot of ways to get one. Resources are available on the internet to help search for the right fit. If you dream of producing a film, don’t let anything stop you from making it a reality.


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