Castle from a cell phone

Ordinary to Extraordinary

This week’s assignment: to write about my perspective on a documentary film called “Login2Life”, directed by Daniel Moshel. It is a documentary about people who are deeply immersed in virtual life in the online virtual world called Second life. The movie combined scenes of people in their ‘first’ or real life as well as scenes in ‘second life’.  Beware, there are some serious virtual nudity and sex in the film.

In second life, individuals are represented by a digital persona called avatars. The avatars are created by the users so it can be viewed as an extension of the person. The avatars serve as a means for users to obtain the physique, attributes and looks that are impossible or unachievable in real life. It could be great for people with disability to imagine themselves without their infirmity but it may also lead to unhappiness or distorted view of reality for some.

A virtual relationship could be a solution for people who are lonely and alone. It’s great to connect to people from all over the world, but, only to an extent. As the lady in the film said, “she needs to go out and have real relationships in the outside world”. I am also uncomfortable with the idea of married people who also have a wife/husband or seek relationships in second life. Call me old fashion, but for me a relationship is a commitment of the mind, heart, body, and soul.

We live in a changing world, that there are opportunities to learn, build, connect, make money in the virtual world is great. It can also be an ideal place for some, where they can find acceptance, friendship and a sense of belonging.


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