Team Documentary: Featuring The OMC Volunteer Program – Version 3

This is a fun project that took a lot of time, effort and energy.  We interviewed 4 hospital personnel, 8 volunteers and shot clips with 4 actors and 1 dog.  It was a lot of work sorting through all our materials but it was a great learning experience. We went on a different route with this video. Instead of each team member cutting and editing our own video which in the end results in 3 unique versions (similar to our Veterans Affairs project), this time we only produce one.

After agreeing on the outline and script, all 3 of us, shot clips and took turns conducting interviews. Jack was in charge of choosing the music, Donna was the lead editor and I worked on the titles and most of the B rolls.

Donna, our lead editor is relentless in smoothing out the kinks, thanks to technology, we were able to communicate and work well even on different locations.  We were shooting text messages and emails from the time we woke up until way past our bedtime.  In the end, I believe we have an end product that we are really proud of.  Well maybe it’s still not the end because we have yet to get feedback from our clients.  If they do come back with requests for revisions, it’s not an issue.  Isn’t it a saying that “the customer is always right?”  The personnel and volunteers have been so generous and kind to us. We want to return that favor and give them a product that they too can be proud of.


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