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Terry wears many hats. She’s a wife, mother, friend, teacher, nurse, scientist, manager, artist, writer, personal chef, multimedia creator and many more. She’s also been called a trouble-maker, instigator, restless, go-getter and pusher of limits.  In Terry’s eyes her life is perfect, but we know that there is no such thing as perfect right?

Students and tricycle (Photo c/o wikipedia)

Tricycle and The Big Lie

There were no taxis in the small town of the Philippines where Terry grew up but there were plenty of tricycles. Indigenous taxis that can carry as much as 10 passengers. The ride is popular with Filipinos, locals who are not averse to sharing their personal space and proficient as human Tetris. Terry has a vivid and painful memory involving the tricycle.

When Terry was in fifth grade, her friend and neighbor Lynn would give her a ride from school in their tricycle. Terry loved it, she doesn’t have to walk in the hot sun and she gets to spend more time with her friend.  But one day Terry’s mom told her that she should stop riding with them because the driver might have some kind of skin disease. Terry was able to avoid her friend but one day, Lynn insists that she rides with them. Terry agreed thinking she would get off and walk once they get to Lynn’s house. But they decided to drop her off first. Terry panicked she doesn’t want to get in trouble with her mom. Without thinking she jumped out of the moving vehicle. She landed on her feet then fell to her knees and elbows. Terry was shaken, she immediately felt burning and pain in her badly scraped body parts but quickly stood to waved her friend goodbye. Walking slowly she tried come up with a plausible story for her predicament. As soon as she entered the house she started crying.  In between sobs, she tried to explain how she tripped and fell hard on her way home. Her mom attended to her wounds, gave a snack and made her watch TV. Terry can hardly believe it, she just executed her first  Hollywood stunt and got away with her first big lie.

Boarding ramp Aero Galapagos (Photo by J. Binando)

Airplane and The Dream

Do you still remember your first airplane ride? Terry does.  She was 22 years old when she experienced her first air travel. This is a momentous trip, she is leaving her country and everything she’s ever known for the land of opportunity, the USA. Terry is now a nurse, after passing an exam for foreign nurses she found an employer that gave her a signing bonus, paid travel and housing.  This was an exciting time but Terry was also apprehensive and haunted by a recurring dream. In her dream, the day of her trip arrived, as she was about to board the plane she took off her shoes and forgot to pick them up. She arrived in the America barefoot! Thankfully when the day of the  trip came, Terry did not loose her shoes, she was however seated really close to the bathroom and the smoking section.

 The Student

View of Mount Baker from Post Angeles (photo by T Binando)

Terry enjoyed a fulfilling career as a nurse but remember she’s got itchy feet? She changed career and found success working for a pharmaceutical company.  When the time came for her to make another change, they chose to move from the East Coast to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Terry and her husband chose to live a simple but meaningful life. They both went back to school to learn new skills, tap on their creative sides and to find out if they’ve got other undiscovered talents. Closer to nature, everyday they wake up thankful for their good fortune and in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Thank you for reading and please follow Terry as she continues to pursue her Creative Adventures.