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My Work

This is a new page on my site that will feature samples of my work from my Multimedia Classes at Peninsula College.

Digital Video Sampler

Samplers specifically digital video samples on this page shows the different techniques we have learned in class. It is fun and after taking this class and going through these exercises as well as making videos, I will never complain anymore as to why the Academy awards spends so much time recognizing people we don’t see on the  camera anyway. They are the magicians who brings the movies to life. True, the director sets the tone, the writer creates the story but the editors and the rest of  the production team are vital  in making a great final product.

Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns effect is a technique popularized by documentarian Ken Burns. The effect makes a still image come alive by the application of zooming and panning technique. I am sure you have seen this on movies and documentaries before. I have and up until I took this class never knew that ‘it’ has a name. This is a fun technique to incorporate in any video project. In my sample video, I used a photograph taken by a kind traveler we met while we were in Machu Picchu, Peru.  This photograph is special as it highlights the famous ruins and Huayna Picchu, that’s the tall peak in the background. It also brings back fond memories. We were fortunate to get to hike that peak at the beginning of the day. Entry and hiking the peak is limited to only 400 people per day. At almost 9000 feet above sea level the hike was scary and hard. That’s why my husband and I look bedraggled but happy in the photograph.

Bokeh Effect

This is a cool effect that I also never knew has a name.  Bokeh is a photography effect where a soft out-of-focus background or foreground is used. The term Bokeh is from the Japanese word ‘boke’ which means blur or haze. The video clip I used was taken during a recent snow storm here in Port Angeles, WA. Our project is related to a dreaming. Well, I love waking up early, getting bundled up and enjoying the fresh painting that mother nature has left for me to enjoy. The snow transforms everything it touches and I like to capture it in my mind and camera. This video is like a dream, it is clear in your mind initially when you wake up and then it becomes fuzzy and the story becomes something else the more you try to recall.

Time-Lapse Effect

Time lapse is a technique where things appear to move faster, a few hours of clips can be compressed to a few seconds so to a human eye it appears to move very fast. It is the opposite of slow-motion. For this effect, I am using a video of our cat, Milo while he was playing with a game made specifically for cats on the Ipad.  The word associated with this effect is ‘creative’.  I am highlighting the creative and inquisitive nature of cats. They are also really cute.  Notice how he was really engrossed in the game and I in return was amused watching him 🙂

Lens-Flare Effect

This is an effect that we all have seen, sometimes wanted, sometimes unwanted. It happens  when a bright light or light image is captured by the lens of the camera and it produces a scatter or flare of light. For this sampler I am using lens-flare as a transition effect. The word associated with this effect is wonder.  I took this video of a family crabbing in Port Angeles. Crabbing is a game of chance and I often wonder what drives those crabs to crawl into the pot. Well, it’s the bait but it is a wonder why some pots would be empty and this one happened to be SO full of crabs!

Color Pass Effect (I made two, you’ll see why)

Color pass is a cool effect that is built in in Premier pro or any photo editing applications. You may also know this as a Photo Filter.  The first video I created is somewhat comical to me. It shows whoever was holding the camera really have no idea on how to take a proper video. There is too much movement, not to mention the video was recorded sideways. I applied the color pass effect and switched the color to black and white but could not improve the shake. It shows some gentle sways in the tower. I hope you don’t get dizzy watching it. If you do, I apologize on behalf of the person who took the video, which also happens to be me.  Glad to report that it  is simply poor technique and not a serious neuromuscular disorder.

Second Video

For this  sample, I used the Lumitri Color Cinespace 100 video adjustment.  The possibility is endless with all the effects available in Premier. Hello Kitty belongs to our super-hero instructor Renee Emiko Brock and was expertly displayed by Jack Cote. I think the effect highlights playfulness and nostalgia.

Green Screen

We’ve all seen green screen being used the 6 pm weather  forecasts being the prime example. For this sampler I get to use a green screen! The sample should be associated confidence. So I mustered all my courage and confidently went in the lion’s den thru the magic of green screen :). I could’ve matched the lighting a bit more but overall I am quite pleased with the outcome. Those lions didn’t scare me one bit!

Slow Motion

The above slow motion clip relates to  joy.  I choose I clip of my husband hand feeding tarpons. I must admit that I got a lot of enjoyment watching my brave husband get a bit anxious waiting for those big hungry fish to jump out and eat the fish from his hand! I did try and it was so scary and exhilarating at the same time! I also saved my hand.


The last samplers are tilt-shift. It refers to the tilt movement on a camera for selective focus that results in a simulation of a miniature scene. The word associated with this sampler is compassion.  I found a clip of my husband where he was climbing up the ladder in the ancient pueblo site at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. I wanted to highlight the compassion we have for the ancient tribes and their habitat. But I think I have the wrong idea/clip. Tilt shift should be shot from a higher elevation so I created a second one. Tilt-shift 2 is about the great profession of teaching, I would go nuts around those screaming rugrats 🙂 Thank goodness we have compassionate teachers who do an awesome job and really enjoy teaching. Thanks teachers!


More Samplers Part 2

Below are more examples of various camera shots.

Close-up Extreme Close-Up

A closeup or extreme closeup in films, videos or still photos are types of shots, which tightly frames a person or an object. In this example, I went literal with the associated words which is maps and motives.  It’s only 10 seconds long but it will take you on a short journey.

Medium Shot, Medium Close Up

A medium or medium close-up is a type of shot, which tightly frames a person or an object. I happen to shoot this clip during a photo-shoot that our school is doing in our classroom that features us, the Multimedia students. Great timing, considering the associated words for this shot is light and learning.  The backdrop is the green screen, which we learned how to use. I used it on one of the earlier examples. But if you listen closely, you will also learn something from Seth.  He was so gracious to allow me use him as my subject. Thanks Seth!

Extreme Long Shot, Long Shot

Extreme Long Shot and Long Shot also known as Extreme Wide Shot is a type of shot which covers a wide area.  This shot shows the entire subject as well as it’s surroundings. The associated words for this shot is scale and esteem.  My subject is the famous Hole in the Wall which you can find in Rialto beach near Forks, Washington. It was low tide so I was able to go on the opposite side of the hole and work with the early morning light. The people checking out the tide pools provides scale. And the hole which was created by water pressure and time is an example of natural forces which we should respect.

Over The Shoulder Shot

An over the shoulder shot is a shot of someone or something taken from the perspective or camera angle from the shoulder of another person. Conversation and comfort are the words associated with this shot.  In my example, it begins with a shot of the campfire, which is the perfect location for comfort and conversation especially on a cold, windy beachfront. It was a wonderful spot to share stories and meals. Unfortunately, my camp mates have started to haul our camp gear so I was alone in the shot, but it shows that the conversations were great because I didn’t remember to take out the camera while they were around!

Establish Shot

An establish or establishing shot is usually the first shot of a new scene. It is designed to show the audience where the action is taking place. I was fortunate to be where there are tons of action and activities last weekend! I, along with other awesome PC Media students attended Sequim’s Irrigation Festival! What a fabulous event.  The associated words for this shot are sustainability and social enterprise. I couldn’t have found a much better subject!

Two Shot

A type of shot that includes two people or subjects in the frame is a two shot.  Dichotomy and dynamics are the words associated with this shot.  I love this clip of best friends, showing their strong bond and relationship.


Emblematic shots can communicate abstract, complex and associative ideas with compositions that reveal special connections between visual elements within the frame. I didn’t really do an elaborate set-up but I think the clips I chose for this sample fit the associated words which are intention and identity.  I am sure most people, especially if you’re from the PNW, can identify the both the bridge and the mountain in the clip.  You probably can guess the intent as well.

Fun fact: did you know that these are 2 different bridges built paralleled to each other after the replacement to Galloping Gertie exceeded it’s capacity?


These shots emphasize colors, textures, patterns, lines and composition over the literal content.  It is not always easy to recognize the origin of the shot but audiences can get the meaning. The associated words for this shots are exploration and andragogy or adult education.  I had a lot of fun working on this shot because my subject is literally under my nose all the time. It is a constant tool in my exploration and learning adventures. Can you guess what it is?

Hope you enjoyed watching the samplers. Please drop me a note if you have tips or any comments, I’d love to hear from you.